How S.A.G.E. Personal Training Works

What You Need To Know

Located in Kern County.  At home visits are available for an additional upcharge.

A healthy lifestyle starts with you, a positive frame of mind, and the eagerness to work hard. As your Trainer, I will help you identify your fitness goals, design a program that fits your needs and lead you through every workout.


If this is your 1st session with S.A.G.E.  Training, then please contact me before you schedule a session so I can help you get the best results. Consultations can be done over the phone or in person. 

Also, please arrive to your 1st session with me  5-10 minutes prior (including online sessions) to go over some paper work or any last minute details . (Paperwork can be signed through email.)

Do not forget to wear proper workout attire and bring plenty of water! Thank you for choosing S.A.G.E.  Training and I can not wait to see you soon.

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